Impersonating Chairman Mao

Probably Comrade Bala of the extreme left wing Maoist militant group in London has to do with Mao Zedong,  then probably again not; but never mind. There is this Sichuan woman, Chen Yan who has been impersonating Mao Zedong (inset) after being discovered on a local TV show and is attracting crowds. There are impersonators of famous people in the West for as long as I remember, Elvis Presley impersonators, Marilyn Monroe impersonators  and probably there is a Queen Elizabeth II impersonator in a Rowan Atkinson's movie, Johnny English Reborn, too if I remember right.  Mao Zedong or Chairman Mao, as the world know is the Chairman of the Communist Party of China and was the founding father of the People's Republic of China. Probably, people may be  attracted to Chen Yan as she was a woman posing as a man but this little piece of information may just be as mesmerizing: Chairman Mao had allowed his son Mao Anying to fight in the Korean War and the latter in fact, perished there.  Now, whoever would impersonate that. Most heads of states  probably would send their own flesh and blood to safer havens.


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