A Singer and a Gentleman

One day, when I was browsing through the CDs in Popular, a bookshop in Taiping, I came across one which features a male singer Steven. Why, the cover was that of the Taiwanese singer, Liu Wen Zheng ( 劉文正)(inset).That was a surprise since Steven sounds like such an unglamorous name for the singer who in 1983 and after 40 albums and 20 odds films with famous stars like Sylvia Chang Ai Chia, Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia and Tien Niu, announced unexpectedly that he would leave the limelight. Then, of course, I did not know after all these years that the singer has an English name. Just like I don't know if Steven or Liu Wen Zheng is suffering from cancer. Someone told that he is but the news that was in the media was that the singer had worked behind the stage, setting up a production company Fei Ying to groom young talents. When the company wound up in 1991, he immigrated to USA. Steven aka Liu Wen Zheng is now a bonafide property investor in New York, probably leading a very unglamorous life. Off stage, the star had always been known to be very a quiet and reserved gentleman. 

Sing along with Liu Wen Zheng ...  


 我從山中來 帶著蘭花草 種在小園中 希望花開早 一日看三回 看得花時過 蘭花卻依然 苞也無一個 轉眼秋天到 移蘭入暖房 朝朝頻顧惜 夜夜不相忘 期待春花開 能將宿願償 滿庭花簇簇 添得許多香



Anonymous said…
I discovered him about a month ago. I love all his songs. To me he is, not was, the superstar.

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