Make a date with Hell!

Close your eyes and listen to Tze Bei Guan Yin Centre leader, Master Kek Eng Seng's instructions. You are about to go for a tour in the netherworld! It is the Hungry Ghost Festival and in Penang, Malaysia, Master Kek who studied Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism as well as fortune-telling and with 28 years of experience in spiritual matters under his belt, would be conducting a trip to Hell. Participants would get to interact with their long gone loved ones and friends, tour the streets of hell and even witness how torture is conducted there. The tour which will be held at Padang Brown from 8.30pm to 10.30pm on Aug 27 could only accomodate one hundred people. Count yourself lucky if you get to be in the tour!


Liudmila said…
Men are strange animals: they can't reach heaven even after 28 yars of Buddhism practices, so they go in the hell, it's much more easy to join
footiam said…
We are indeed strange. It is already so nice here on earth and we look elsewhere for greener pasture!

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