Chinese Sayings

*Water and words are easy to pour but impossible to recover.

*A genius always presents himself as a fool

*There is no wave without wind.

* A smile will gain you ten more years of life.

*If you don't go into the cave of the tiger, how are you going to get its cub?

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    Anonymous said…
    Even after hundreds of years, these wisdom still apply in this day and age. This not only applies to idioms and proverbs but also strategy

    How about this by Sun Tzu
    "Make what is unreal appear real
    Make what is real look unreal"
    (always applied by politicians
    in a particular party)

    And this advice to politicians
    " The great man is open, composed and has no worries,
    the petty person is always full of distress."

    Ha ha ha ha
    Have a good day footiam
    footiam said…
    Your Sun Tzu's quote remind me of ther monkees in your blog but I'm sure it is Porky you are talking about. Oink!

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