Christopher Columbus!

Talk about cigars and most probably Havana cigars would come to mind. You'd probably think that cigars are manufactured in places like Cuba or other Carribean islands too since it was in the Carribean island of Hispaniola that natives first presented Christopher Columbus's crewmen, Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres with tobacco. Then, the images of Fidel Castro smoking a cigar during the days of the Cuban Revolution could still fresh in your mind and you would not dare to dream that once there was a cigar factory in a little place like Taiping in Malaysia. In the 1930s, Burmese Chinese started a cigar factory in the Guan Hin Chan building(inset) at the then 19 Cross Street in Taiping. These Chinese of yesterdays could well be Chirstopher Columbus himself!


Liudmila said…
I'm always surprised when I see persons smoking sigars: it seems to me so uncomfortable... But you are right, I've never heard that there are sigars made in Asia.
footiam said…
I haven't too until I read about it and I am staying in the area! But then of course, that's history and I don't think the cigars are up to standard.

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