Of Noodles and the Bad Guy

It is said that Mie Pangsit is rather popular in, Pematangsiantar or Pematang Siantar, Indonesia. Mie Pangsit is said to be Chinese in origin and in English, is called Wonton Noodle. I suppose then, Mie Pangsit is just another version of the ever popular Wanton Mee (inset) which is widespread in Malaysia. Food aside, it is interesting to note that the late kung fu star, Lo Lieh was born Wang Lap Tat in Pematang Siatar. His parents had sent him back to China and in the late 60s and70s. he became one of the most famous actors in Hong Kong kung fu films .

Watch the late Lo Lieh in the 36th Chamber of Shaolin...you'd recognise him. He was always the bad guy...


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