CNY Flashback: Another Small Town

I suppose you'd know you have stepped into a place with Chinese residents and it's Chinese New Year if you see a plant decorated with red envelopes. Perhaps, decorating a plant this way is a new phenomenon, too for I could not recall if plants have been decorated this way before but never mind - During the recent Chinese New Year, Eng Lye had driven me to Bukit Tambun, this little quaint fishing village in Penang. We had visited Mau Wei who later took us to buy some biscuits in a quaint little shop where the friendly proprietor had offered us an orange each. It was Chinese New Year, remember, and oranges are abundant then. Orange, Kam in Chinese sounds almost like gold and is an auspicous fruit, a must have during Chinese New Year. And in a fishing village like Bukit Tambun where there are numerous seafood restaurants, eating out seems like a must too. Mau Wei took us to a seafood restaurants that night and we invited Cheng Guan and his wife too, whom we later visited. Chinese New Year is a day for visiting!

For more of Bukit Tambut, please visit Beautiful World!

Can you guess what we have for dinner?


Liudmila said…
what are those jars' i thought it's the drogery but it seems those are bisquits...

i don't guess about plates in a restaurant 'cose i don't eat fish but it seems those were vegetable soups.
footiam said…
Those jars have biscuits in them and they are actually very old fashioned now. There is a big fish in the menu, fried vegetables but I can't remember any soup. By the way, I heard fish is healthier compared to meat.

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