Green Post: Eco-friendly Bulbs

Something about eco-friendly bulbs. They are not as friendly as you would like to think. The toxic mercury in it could be the cause of your migraines, dizziness and eczema. And if the bulb happens to fall on the floor, be sure to leave the room for at least 15 minutes before attempting to clean it up. Even then, make sure you do not vacuum up the shards of glass from the broken bulbs. Wear rubber gloves and use a broom to sweep and dispose the broken pieces in a sealed plastic bag. Protect yourself from the bulb's mercury content! Make sure you don't inhale any mercury dust!


Liudmila said…
It's difficult to understand something in this world. One says "It's sooooo good!" Other says "Oh, it's sooooo bad!".
And we, poor consumers and simple persons, how have we understand who is right?
footiam said…
Maybe, we should just think for ourselves.

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