Bra Stories

A survey carried out by a news portal in Singapore revealed that a number of Singaporean girls wash their bras only once a week while some others do not wash theirs at all! Someone was of the opinion that even if women working in an air-conditioned environment do not sweat, their skin will still turn oily after some time and will result in body odour and it is only appropriate that they change their bra every day. That strangely reminds me of Shaw sex kitten Hu Chin(inset) who was plucked from Taiwan by famed director Li Han Hsiang in 1970 to act in her first movie in Hong Kong, Four Moods. The actress with the impish look and the sexy mole on her chin went on to become a famous actress, loved and perhaps, hated too for her many seductress roles. That was the time when adult oriented genres were emerging in Hong Kong and some Taiwanese actresses like her as well as Tien Ni, Betty Pei Dee and Chen Ping were flocking to Hong Kong to play sex-up women for Shaw Brothers studio. Hu Chin sometimes had to skimpy lingeries and in a period piece, I remember her wearing what I thought was a traditional Chinese bra. Now, I wonder if that would make one sweat...

Which one do you think is a traditional Chinese bra?

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Liudmila said…
There were not soaps when Eath Father created humans -so the exagerations are not normal. Meditians say.
footiam said…
There were also no bras .

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