Old Taiwanese Romantic Movies

Browsing through the net, I came across this old movie, Outside the Window which was the first movie starred by the famous Taiwanese star whose career spanned through the 70s, 80s and 90s, the one and only Lin Ching Hsia. Her first movie about a school girl falling for an older school teacher was an instant hit. Lin Ching Hsia played the school girl of course and her love affair with the school teacher ended tragically with the teacher turning into a drunkard when the mother opposed the relationship. The story was supposed to be based on the love story of the writer Qiong Yao and because of that, it was not released in its country of origin, Taiwan. I remember watching Outside the window at least twice; the first time with my mom in Taiping's now defunct Capitol Cinema while the second time, I watched it on TV with some friends in a hostel in University. I did not get to see the whole movie the second time round though since some Malay boys came into the TV room when we were halfway through the movie and one rudely switched to another channel. In the 70s, there were many Taiwanese romantic movies in the theatres starring popular female stars like Chen Chen, Lin Fong Chiao, Tien Niu and male stars like Alan Tang, Charlie Ching Hsiang Lin and Chin Han. This period when Taiwan movies flooded the market in South East Asia especially, should be deemed the Golden Era of Taiwan Cinema, I suppose...

Have you seen any of these old Taiwanese Romantic Movies?....


Marie Wu said…
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to find old movies in Taiwan that starred an actor Wu Feng, they are mostly romantic movies...since I have been living in the US since I was 9, I understand very little Chinese at this point and cannot seem to locate the movies for purchase. Rather I found a film database with the title of the movies. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Here is a link to the database with his name and movie titles.

footiam said…
Dear Marie,
Wu Feng sounds so much like the Hong Kong actor Woo Fung who appears in many black and white Cantonese movies. I suppose you could try YouTube. If it is the Cantonese film star,then you can try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLucVakXmOo but from the link you have provided, I suppose, it is someone else. If it is Asian movie queen, Chen Chen's movies, then there is this Where the Seagull flies at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=565kiTpTh70
Anonymous said…

I have seen quite a few of Taiwanese romantic movies when I was a teenager. I had to read the English subtitles as I can't read Chinese since I was raised in the U.K. I have bought two dvds : one with Brigitte Lin with Charlie Lin and Chin Han (brilliant film) and the other with Joan Lin and Chin Han. Both films were dubbed to Cantonese as I bought the Hong Kong version. I would love to see "Outside the Window". Whoever have seen it is very lucky indeed. Can someone help me please. Does anyone know whether I can buy anymore of those romantic Taiwanese films but it must be dubbed to Cantonese as I can't be bothered to read the subtitles. My favourite actors were Charlie Chin and Chin Han and actresses, I like Brigitte Lin the best.

Would really appreciate some help. Many thanks.

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