Some Light Moments in China

Didn't think much of the photos which Ming Keat sent me eons ago until I went through them again. Watching the man peeing at the Great Wall of China, the Great Wall itself reminded me about a comment made by someone I know concerning a popular judge from the Sung Dynasty, Bao Zheng. Also known as Bao Qingtian or Judge Bao, the man was a legendary figure and a symbol of justice in Chinese History and his popularity had been perpertuated through books and movies. Often portrayed with a black face and a white crescent shaped birthmark on his forehead, Bao Zheng was very uncompromising about corruption and would not yield even to higher powers which include royalties. When during a conversation, someone commented that Bao Zheng would sent royalties to the guillotine, there was this salesman who laughed at the remark, saying that it was just impossible. It was just unimaginable to him that princes and kings could be sent to their death by a judge. The fact that the emperor himself had given Bao Zheng a set of guillotines to execute criminals, one decorated with a dog's head to be used on commoners, another decorated with a tiger's head to be used on government officials and another with a dragon's head to be used on royal personages, which now are museum pieces, did not register in his mind which is understandable since such facts are not found in local school textbooks. The guillotines perhaps are as irrelevant now as the Great Wall of China. I remember commenting then that during the time of Bao Zheng, the Great Wall of China might still serve China by stopping the intruders of the North from entering China. The intruders could easily have flown over the Great Wall and enter China using helicopters, would they; that is if helicopters exist then? Enough said... let's just share some light moments in China...

Would you possibly believe that potholes in China have fish? Which of the following scenes seem possible and logical? Have fun pondering!


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