Asia's King of R and B

When I first saw Asia’s King of R & B, Jay Chou Chieh Lun in March 2007, I was rather disappointed. My current idol who hails from Taiwan was a real let down. First, I have thought that he was not well dressed enough and then he was also far too short for a star. But then, he was in wax. It was in Hong Kong's Madame Tussaud when I saw him. The Jay Chou I saw in magazines and music videos of course, was of a more superior quality and needless to say, the man was talented! His mother, having noticed Jay's sensitivity to music, had sent him for piano lessons when he was 4 and today, he combines Chinese and Western music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock, and pop genres, covering issues such as domestic violence, war, and urbanization. Jay presently is not just an accomplished musician and singer but he is also an accomplished producer, actor and director. And he is also coming to town! He will be appearing live on Feb 23 at 8pm in his Jay Chou World Tour 2008 Live in Malaysia at Stadium Merdeka and the organisers are promising a visual feast of spectacular pyrotechnics and extraordinary costumes there. There will also be at least 10 elevators on stage coupled with a crystal piano specially flown in from Taiwan and during one part of the show, Jay would re-enact a scene from his 2006 flick Curse of the Golden Flower. Already, the tickets have all been snapped up!

Jay Chou when I saw him...

Jay Chou as he appears elsewhere...

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Liudmila said…
In this video he is similar to my nephew... But that is Tatar :)))
footiam said…
Oh! You have a star at home! You must publish his photo!

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