The Big Boss

Mention Lee Jun Fa and most probably many people would give you a puzzle look but Lee Jun Fa is none other than the big boss or Bruce Lee himself! The kung fu star undeniably was the greatest martial arts icon the world has ever seen. Describing himself to be a martial artist by choice and an actor by profession, this cha cha king and philosophy student who spoke English and Cantonese, and some people say Japanese too, developed his martial art style called Jeet Kune Do and first appeared in movies at the tender age of five in films like The Birth of Mankind (1946) and Fu gui fu yun (1948).In America, he appeared as Kato in the Green Hornet and later became a big hit when he returned to Hong Kong to star in a ground breaking movie The Big Boss. Bruce Lee passed away at the peak of his popularity and after so many years now, his legacy lives on
Now, enjoy this....


Liudmila said…
My husband loves Bruce Lee so much! Unfortunatelly we have problems with internet and I can't show him this video.
But sincerely when I see this films, I have not feeling that he is a real great master of martial arts. There is something that do not convince me. That other actor, american, "ranger", I don't know what is his name, maybe he is?
footiam said…
I have heard that he is really an expert in kung fu. He used to fight in the street in Hong Kong and was thus sent away to America by his father to avoid trouble. I like his movies too. The American actor you refer to must be Chuck Norris.

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