Journey To The West

Scenes from an old Shaw movie, Journey to the West

A TVB production starring Dicky Cheung as Monkey King

Monkey King as he appears in a Peking Opera

Monkey King - A 3D Animation thesis project by


Liudmila said…
I don't know much about chinese literature, so I'm greatful to you for these interesting posts. I liked Peking Opera very much. You could tell us more about it. And then about the storie of that dragon in the previous post too. It's interesting to discover roots and who can explain it better as you?
footiam said…
I am leaving you a link, Liudmila
Liudmila said…
Thank you for the link. I like fables.
footiam said…
I like fables too. I love fables from the whole world and I am lucky because over here, we get to read fables from India, China and from the West too. We must have the best of all worlds!

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