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A Chinese Song: 山海 Mountain and Sea

The kids at home are crazy over this young guy from China, Hua Chenyu 华晨宇, otherwise known as HuaHua 花花. The young Chinese singer and songwriter has been in the limelight for quite some time, having rose to fame after winning the 2013 Super Boy singing contest produced by Hunan TV, China but it was only these past weeks that I got introduced to him by my grand nephew. Hua, said to have powerful vocals, sings his own composition, a strange song as far as I'm concerned, called the Lyricless Song or Song Without Lyrics and covers songs by Lady Gaga and Leslie Cheung among others. The kids love 我管你  I don't care, and thought  Hua's version of 双节棍 Nunchucks was better than the original version by Taiwanese Jay Chow. My grandnephew's favourite was 山海 Mountain and Sea even though I tried to change his mind by saying that the song was meaningless and the singer looked ridiculous rendering the song dressed in a red raincoat and all that ..
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Those Were the Days

I remember this Chinese family staying behind my house. Back then, it was common for three generations of people, the grandparents, the parents and grandchildren to stay together and this big extended family lived in a big house where the head of the family ran a sundry shop. Sometimes, during the evening when I was playing with the little girl from the house, an adult from the house would come and ask her to go home for dinner. He always spoke to her in the Cantonese dialect; so, I presumed they were Cantonese. The family always had dinner at about the same time, at about five to six in the evening and they would eat together, eating out of bowls and using chopsticks to pick at the dishes that were spread out on a round table. I suppose you don't see this type of lifestyle these days. With progress, each family member with his or her own job and programs, come in and out at different time and it would be fortunate enough to be able to come back to even a cold home cooked meal. Mo…

Top Apps

Just the other day, I read that the top  sports app in Malaysia is JomRun. Jom is Malay for let's and JomRun translates into Let's run. Basically JomRun,  is an app to track a person's walks and runs. A person can collect points in the process and then get rewarded. Through the apps, one can get free gifts, enjoy cheaper event tickets and keep track of running events in the whole of Malaysia. What surprised me was the Pokémon GO inspired apps was created by 22-year-old Oxford graduate from Johore Bahru, Chang Yi Hern. Just 22 years, so young! Very impressive indeed!

A Chinese Poem: 自遣. zìqiǎn Amusing Oneself

Somehow, I feel I've heard of English poets the likes of Rudyard Kipling, Geoffrey Chaucer or William Shakespeare first before names like Li Bai, Du Fu and later Xu Zhimo become a familiarity. The fact is poetry written, spoken, or chanted in the Chinese language has been in existence for thousands of years. When the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang秦始皇 ordered that books be burned, the 诗经 Shi Jing, otherwise known as Classic of Poetry or Book of Songs survived. Since then, many poems had been written and while there are Han poetry, Jian'an poetry, Six Dynasties poetry, Tang poetry, Song poetry, Yuan poetry or Ming poetry to contend with, Chinese poetry can be classified into two primary types, Classical Chinese poetry and Modern Chinese. Here's one, Amusing oneself by Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty. I suppose those days when people don't have smart phones, they just could amuse themselves by drinking and getting drunk...

自遣.                                zìqiǎn 对酒不觉暝, …