Food for Moon Cake Festival

In Cantor, Vietnam, I was surprised when our young Vietnamese guides treated us to some leng kak. I think that's what the seeds of the water caltrop are called in Hokkien, the dialect I speak at home. Leng kak means the horns of the dragon and the water caltrop seeds do seem to have two sharp horns but no, they don't look like dragon, more like batman's emblem. Besides moon cakes, pomeloes and taro, I remember the seeds were also served during moon cake festival.The water caltrop is not found locally and the seeds are imported from China. Coming from such faraway place, not surprising then, I often found the seeds stale and tasteless. In Cantor, I was surprised not just to find the seeds soft and tasty but it wasn't even moon cake season yet. I had thought that the seeds are only available during moon cake festival. Silly me!

Well, are you reminded of Batman?