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Elizabeth may set you thinking of Shekar Kapur who made the film on the infamous Indian lady bandit, Phoolan Devi in his 1994 Bollywood film, Bandit Queen . After all, it was him who made the 1998 critically acclaimed award winning movie, Elizabeth. But then, there are other Elizabeths. Two of Chinese descent with the family name, Tan, have certainly made a name for themselves in their adopted countries. There is one Elizabeth Tan, described as an English actress who appeared in the TV series, Coronation Street. Another Elizabeth Tan who hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is almost always seen playing a ukulele and singing mostly Malay covers from her bedroom or living room. The pretty YouTube star has appeared in my hand phone twice and I bet her sweet, sleepy voice would have wooed many-a-hearts!

Watch Malaysia's Elzabeth Tan sing....