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Confession of a Gangster

Visited Simpang Buddhist Association this morning with a group of people and was treated to a touching video show featuring a young reformed gangster. It would not come as a surprise that it was the Chinese Children Classic, Di Zi Gui 弟子規Standards for being a Good Pupil and Child , otherwise known as Xun Meng Wen that had transformed the young man. Chinese children, especially those from traditional Chinese school, most probably are well-versed with the three character verses written by Yu Xiu Li during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor in the Qing Dynasty. The verses, simple as they may be, are based on the ancient teaching of the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius and simply aim to teach a person to be good and to be able to live in harmony with others. Probably, the impact of the book did not strike on me until I heard the confession of the reformed gangster. Confession of a reformed gangster...

Yummy Chinese Sausages

It rained cats and dogs this afternoon. It always rain at this time of the year when the Chinese in South East Asia celebrate the Nine Emperor Gods 九皇爺 festival. I suppose this festival is not celebrated in Mainland China. Devotees have to go vegetarian during the festival and here I am thinking about the Chinese sausage or lup cheng (inset). Last night, sausages were served in a barbeque which I attended. Those were western-styled sausages, the one you'd get in a hot dog in A&W and which I don't quite fancy. Chinese sausages come in different forms. They could be made using pork, pig livers, even duck and turkey livers, glutinous rice and blood. The one with livers are darker in colour and the one with glutinous rice 糯米腸 are white. I fancy the dry, hard smoked sausage with pork , and seasoned with Rose water, rice wine and soy sauce. The sausages are not to be eaten with bread ala a hot dog. They are usually used as ingredients in Chinese dishes and eaten with rice. Yummy…