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Getting to know Grace Chang

Just when I thought that it was either Chow Yuen Fatt, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh or Jacky Chan who first made it to Hollywood, thanks to the Internet, I get to know this about Grace Chang or Ge Lan (葛蘭)(inset) who was a megastar in the 50s and 60s.Grace Chang was both a movie star and a songstress who was active during the golden age of Mandarin cinema. She was a big name in the Far East and many of her songs have become evergreen classics. Known as the Marlene Dietrich of Hong Kong Chinese cinema, Grace just made about 30 movies. She retired in 1961 after getting hitched. That was even after she had achieved international fame in 1959,after she had made a successful debut on The Dinah Shore Show on American television. She sang  The Autumn Song (秋之歌) and with Yukiji Asaoka and Dinah Shore, mesmerized audiences with Getting to know you. It is indeed great to get to know Grace Chang and  indeed, great too, to get hold of some of her classic movies like the 1960 野玫瑰之戀 The Wild Wild Rose w…