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Hiss! It's the Year of the Snake!


Whoever finds this, I love you!

Just the other day, my niece took me on a day trip to Ipoh. Ipoh, by the way, is the capital of the state of Perak in Malaysia and it is a special town historically. At one time, during the booming tin mining industry, it grew into one of Malaysia's main cities. The tin boom of course attracted a lot of Chinese and today,even after its growth had stagnated with the collaspe of tin prices and the closure of tin mines, many Chinese still live here. One time James Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh of course, comes from here and so is Michael Wong (王光良), who forms part of the very popular singing duo group Michael & Victor or Guang Liang Pin Guan (光良品冠) (inset). Life of Pi's director, Ang Lee took his Lust and Caution crew here for a shoot in 2006, most probably because of the characteristic colonial era Chinese shop houses at the city centre and of course, Chou Yun Fatt and Jodie Foster came here on location  for Anna and the King in 1999. In Station 18, one of the newest and in shopp…