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Watch Girl

My niece came back from Switzerland the other day with a magazine featuring watches, called  Kirdhofer or something like that. It was not really surprising because Switzerland is synonymous with watches but what surprised me more was besides Nicole Kidman promoting  Omega watches, there was a page of  this sweet-looking oriental girl called Chi Ling Lin in the magazine. That was Taiwan's Taipei born Lin Chi Ling, of course, the supermodel who was a phenomenon in Asia (inset). She is after all a spokesman for Longines, the luxury watch founded by Auguste Agassiz. Contrary to Western practice, for  the Chinese, the family name is always written first followed by the name of the person; so Chi Ling Lin does not really immediately ring a bell unless, Lin, the family name comes first.  Lin Chi Ling became the focus of attention in 2002 after she modeled for a television advertisement in Hong Kong. She became the hostess of a fashion program on Shanghai Oriental Television and her face…

Chinese Educated VS English Educated: Singapore Scandals

National University of Singapore (NUS)  reportedly stirred up a controversy when it did not reveal how it had punished its notorious student, sex blogger Alvin Tan of the blog, Sumptuous Erotica. Alvin's sex partner presumably had been given the ultimatum to marry him or faced expulsion from home by her widowed mother.Lately Singapore seems rather hot with scandals. There were news of an ex-Central Narcotics Bureau chief allegedly filming an obscene act  in the sex-for-contracts trial and aMediaCorp actorTerence Cao, reportedly is embroiled in a paternity scandal. All these sometimes make me wonder if that has to do with Chinese or English education.

Chinese Yo-yo

As far as a Chinese yo-yo is concerned, it is not Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧), the Hong Kong TVB actress whom Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng E-kin (郑伊健)  reportedly proposed to, or the famed American cellist of Chinese descent,Yo-Yo Ma (馬友友) who at seven performed for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Chinese yo-yo is more a toy from the Ming Dynasty in China. Like the yo-yo invented in Greece, the Chinese yo-yo consists  of an axle connected to two disks. It is however bigger and is not played by pulling the free end of the string that twines round the axle. Instead, the Chinese  yo-yo is spun by a a string tied to two sticks at its ends. A variety of tricks could be performed by an adept Chinese yo-yo player, like throwing the yo-yo up into air and tossing around the player's back etc. It definitely doesn't look like a game fit for a dainty lady.

Watch a Chinese Yo-yo being played...