Chinese Educated VS English Educated: English Not Good Enough

A certain Andrew Chia made an interesting comment  about the English proficiency level of  Chinese students in Chinese schools in Malaysia. He was of the opinion that the standard of English in Chinese school is way way below par and an A in the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) English is equivalent to a C or D in the Cambridge English. He was dead sure about this as his son, most probably who had studied in Chinese School, has excellent English and it was he, who had trained him from young in mastering the foreign language. His son most certainly was an excellent student too, having set up and trained the English Debating Team in his school, something Mr. Chia said,even the teachers could not do. The team his son trained even went on to beat teams from International Schools where English is the medium. A teacher who called himself Fair Play, pointed out that there are many students in government-aided schools in Malaysia and even from schools in Singapore who could not master English. That probably could be true especially in Malaysia where English is but a second language Since the debating team of Mr. Chia's son had also beat the students from International School in what probably was their own game, one would also be left wondering if the same problem of students not able being to master English apply to International Schools...


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