Green Post: Sit,Squat, Eat, Pee

When Taiwan's environmental minister called upon Taiwanese men to sit down to pee, it makes me wonder if it could help turn the earth green. Someone thought that the minister, Stephen Shen was brain-damaged and called upon the minister  to wear a skirt. It was also suggested that the minister and President Ma Ying-jeou himself should demonstrate on TV how to sit down to pee. The fact was the minister had admitted that he had already sat and peed and he said that sitting down to pee could keep the toilet clean. An environmental official had also said that the advice would be hard to follow; so I thought then it probably would do just to squat and pee. An Indian yoga teacher in town had in fact said that squatting to pee would be better than standing to pee as the latter would take its toil on the kidneys. In ancient India, she also said, besides squatting to pee, people also squat to eat. That, she claimed had made people those days slimmer as the habit prevent them from overeating. Don't just squat and pee - squat and eat too, won't you?


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