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A Money-Making Machine

The Possession(inset), the film that stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan of the American TV series, Grey's Anatomy  and Supernatural,sounds like a proper film for last August. After all, it is an Exorcist-influenced supernatural horror film about a sinister demon which dwells inside a Dybbuk boxand over here and elsewhere, the Chinese were celebrating Hungry Ghost Festival. The Hungry Ghost Festival or Chong Yuan Festival had been celebrated since the Liang Dynasty (502-557 A.D.) but it is said to be Indian influenced.The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)or Zhongqiu Festival came after the Chong Yuan Festival but I bet the Chinese of the Liang period did not celebrate it any earlier like the present Chinese. After watching The Possession in the local theater in Taiping Sentral early this month,some of my friends had wandered off to buy moon cakes for their family. The moon cakes are a must for Zhongqiu Festival but I remember weeks earlier, when the Chong Yuan Festival is in full swing, the delicac…

Two Confucian Ideals

I wonder if Chinese students in Mainland China still have great respect for their teachers. Sometimes, I 'd think that in Singapore and elsewhere in South East Asia , Chinese mothers especially, probably do not keep so much to one of the highly advocated Confucian ideals - to respect one's teacher. Recently, in Singapore, an enraged mother had made a police report and complained to the Ministry of Education about a teacher for cutting and ruining his son's $60 haircut. The mother had said that the teacher had no right to cut her son's hair and had shown her no respect by not telling her she was going to cut his hair beforehand. That was despite the fact that the 12-year-old boy had been warned and issued a letter about his long hair. The mother had later stated that she was not shown the letter as her son is dyslexic and tend to be forgetful.  The Singapore case reminds me of another nearer home where a girl refused to clear up the rubbish on the floor when instruc…

Green Post: Sit,Squat, Eat, Pee

When Taiwan's environmental minister called upon Taiwanese men to sit down to pee, it makes me wonder if it could help turn the earth green. Someone thought that the minister, Stephen Shen was brain-damaged and called upon the minister  to wear a skirt. It was also suggested that the minister and President Ma Ying-jeou himself should demonstrate on TV how to sit down to pee. The fact was the minister had admitted that he had already sat and peed and he said that sitting down to pee could keep the toilet clean. An environmental official had also said that the advice would be hard to follow; so I thought then it probably would do just to squat and pee. An Indian yoga teacher in town had in fact said that squatting to pee would be better than standing to pee as the latter would take its toil on the kidneys. In ancient India, she also said, besides squatting to pee, people also squat to eat. That, she claimedhad made people those days slimmer as the habit prevent them from overeating…