Garlic, Ginger and Everything Nice!

Just last Sunday, I was book browsing in Taiping's Popular when I came across a book on traditional Chinese remedies for a variety of ailments - from simple stomachache and cough to more serious problems like diabetes and impotence. Almost all the remedies make use of garlic and ginger. I thought it was rather a coincidence that a recipe for making a drink to clear the blockage of veins in the heart ended up in my e-mail box. One 'd need a cup of apple cider vinegar, a cup of lemon juice and what else but a cup of garlic and ginger juice. All these are simmered together for 60 minutes or till the solution is reduced to 3 cups. The solution is cooled and 3 cups of honey are added. One tablespoon of the drink is to be taken daily before breakfast. The use of apple cider vinegar perhaps suggests that the recipe is not Chinese in origin but if the drink could clear blocked veins, perhaps you'd want to give it a try. Meanwhile, you may want to consider rubbing some garlic and ginger paste into your scalp every two to three days. They are supposed to make your grey hair black!


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