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Green Post: Go Green

Greening the environment means there will be more plants and trees in our world to give shade and provide fresh sources of oxygen. Is this not a good reason for us to go green or can you think of a better reason for us to go green? Go green and never mind the dogs!

A Malaysian Tycoon

Malaysia's richest man, Robert Kuok Hock Nien (inset), described to be media-shy and discreet, reportedly has great influence in China. The billionaire built China's first five-star hotels, Shangri-La and was among the first overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to help Deng Xiaoping when the latter announced China's reform in the 70s. Said to be worth around US $12.5 billion, the man has however, in a recent interview, said that he did not like money. He, however, hopes that his companies make profits so that all the employees would have bonuses. He was also of the opinion that many people were cleverer than him. That's really one down-to-earth tycoon!

Chinese Educated VS English Educated: Not A Simple Life

Just yesterday, someone told me that Deanie Ip (inset), the Cantopop singer from Hong Kong had won an award at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. The singer and Cantopop king Andy Lau as well as well-known Hong Kong director, Ann Hui, were earlier reported walking the red carpet in Venice and were rubbing shoulders with Hollywood heavyweights. Then, I was much caught up by what Hollywood legend Al Pacino had said during his speech there: What am I doing standing here, speaking in English? I'm an Italian for God's sake. Why am I speaking in English? I wish I knew how to speak in Italian because it's inside me, you know. Incidentally, someone else had also mentioned to me earlier about Chinese children in Malaysia having to go through the hard job of mastering three languages in school, namely English, Malay and their own language, Mandarin. Not refuting the importance of Mandarin, the latter had said that as far as the local scenario is concerned, English is the language that c…

A Different Moon cake Festival!

It is that time of the year again - The Mid-Autumn Festival or Zhongqiu Festival. This is a popular harvest festival celebrated by not just Chinese but the Koreans and the Vietnamese as well. The festival dated back to the Shang Dynasty in China over 3000 years ago when people were said to be practising moon worship. I suppose Chinese pray to the moon, believing that there is a goddess called Chang Er there. I suppose a temporary altar where all the offerings are laid will be constructed and joss sticks and candles burned for the goddess. I remember seeing that at least once when I was a kid but things probably must have changed since Appollo 11. Apollo 11, if you remember was the spaceflight which landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr on the moon. Come to think about it, it could be a shame that progress sometimes put an end to a harmless celebration that brings about family togetherness. Now, what do you think?