Something Wrong

Someone once sent me a joke about a Chinese couple who got married and had a baby who had big blue eyes, curly blonde hair and brown skin. The baby was given the name Ting Long and since the family name was Sam, the baby's full name was Sam Ting Long. Sam probably is not an actual Chinese family name and if it is, then most definitely it must be a rare one. Anyway, the name Sam Ting Long rhymes with some thing wrong and therein lies the joke. Forget the Chinese eyes which are normally black and definitely not blue or their skin which is described as yellow - Chinese all the world over definitely are born with black hair. There is no blond Chinese around, save perhaps for Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee who had an American wife and maybe some other people who have mixed blood. The many Chinese with blond, red, blue or orange hair around definitely had their hair dyed, so, what's this about a Chinese baby with blue eyes and blond hair. There ought to be something wrong, oughtn't it? Guess which girl/s below has/have her/their hair dyed and listen to Wang Lee Hom's verson of Descendant of the Dragon.which has information on the some of the physical attributes of the Chinese while you are at it, won't you?...


Liudmila said…
:-))) Something wrong is with my PC too: it doesn't want to open the pages to write the comments today.

According to monk Mendel, the genetic peculiarities can go out after different generations. It's not mandatory that non-chinese member of the family lived some generations before.
footiam said…
There must be some problem -It's hard to comment on your blogs these days, compared to last time.

And someday, the whole world will really look like one big family!

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