Lucy and Kelly Who?

Oh, besides Gong Li of Farewell to the Concubine's and Raise the Red Lantern's fame and James Bond's girl, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu ( 劉玉玲) has been in the list of Hollywood's 15 Hottest Asian Actresses. Lucy was the vicious and ill-mannered Ling Woo in the 1998-2002 television series, Ally McBeal and one of the angels in the movie version of Charlie's Angels. Originally, she had auditioned for Portia de Rossi's role of Nelle Porter. The character Ling Woo, created specifically for her, was not meant to be a regular but became one because of the enthusiastic audience response. Martial Law's and Scorpion King's Kelly Ann Hu (胡凯丽) was also in the list and that the two, Lucy and Kelly, were often touted as American actresses probably explains the confusion that Lucy had said about her background: When you grow up Asian American, it’s difficult because you don’t know if you’re Asian or you’re American. You get confused... You need to recognize where your background is from. I think it’s important. Just for yourself. It makes you more whole. It does...

Here's Lucy and Kelly!