How to be a Billionaire

You could be a billionaire if you please. Take for instance the 64-year-old stationary shop owner Cheng Ah Meng of Taman Johor Jaya, Johore Baru in Malaysia. The guy could have billions in hell currency since he has been collecting hell money as a hobby for the past 30 years.Hell money or hell bank notes are said to be a modern form of joss paper which are printed to resemble legal tender bank notes but are not an officially legal tender in our mortal world. Chinese burn them as offerings to the deceased. The notes come in big denominations, ranging from $10,000 to several billions, and would have an image of the Jade Emperor who is the presiding monarch of heaven in Taoism and would even have his signature and that of Yanluo, King of Hell (閻羅). Cheng had started collecting hell money when he found part of it in a pile that had been burnt for his late father. His mother wasn't very happy about it and his friends criticised his hobby since it was thought that it would bring bad luck. Cheng however merely enjoys looking at the different types of hell money as they came in striking colours. To date, he had more than 500 types of notes which he displays in photo albums. He even says that this is a documentation of the Chinese tradition that he has kept for the younger generation. Such sweet thought!


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