A Portuguese Origin

It sounds like a strange name for a Chinese boy, Jayden Max but then, that's the name of Michelle Reis's first child who had been delivered by Caesarean section. The name Michelle Reis (inset) itself sounds rather un-Chinese but perhaps, this is expected of the Hong Kong actress, Lee Ka Yan ( 李嘉欣Lǐ Jiāxīn) who has a Portuguese father and a Chinese mother. The actress was born in Macau which was formerly a Portuguese colony. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Chinese who were seeking refuge from the invading Mongols ended up in Macau. Later, under the Ming Dynasty, fishermen from Guangdong and Fujian provinces migrated here. The Portuguese only came later. Portuguese traders obtained the rights to anchor ships in Macau's harbours and to carry out trading activities in 1535 but they did not have the right to stay onshore until around 1552–1553 when they obtained temporary permission to erect storage sheds onshore to dry out their goods drenched by sea water. As more Portuguese settled in Macau, they started making demands for self-administration but this was not achieved until the 1840s. Following the Opium War, Portugal began to occupy Taipa and Coloane and on December 1, 1887, the Qing and Portuguese governments signed the Sino-Portuguese Treaty of Amity and Commerce, under which China ceded the right of perpetual occupation and government of Macau by Portugal in compliance with the statements of the Protocol of Lisbon.


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