What is news in Hokkien? Sin Boon. What is news in Japanese? Shinbun. What is news in Korean? Sin Mun. News in Hokkien, Japanese and Korean sound rather alike and many other words in these three languages sound rather similar too that it leads some people to come to the conclusion that Hokkien is but the ancient imperial language used a couple of thousand of years ago in China. Hokkien or rather Fujian or Minnan Hua, now a dialect spoken widely in Fujian and Taiwan and by a big portion of oversea Chinese in South East Asia, was said to be the official language of the powerful Tang Dynasty and just like Latin, which influenced English, French and Italian languages, Hokkien is said to have influenced the Japanese and Korean languages. There are of course other reasons for the conclusion, like it having 8 tones and being an ancient language, is more complex compared to Mandarin. Mandarin is also said to be probably originally spoken by the Northern Jurchen, Mongols and Manchu minority and was elevated to the present status of National Language in China by Sun Yat Sen (inset). Now, that's news about the Chinese revolutionary and political leader who had been considered one of the greatest leaders of modern China!


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