Hungry Ghost Festival 2010: Some Interest Yet

There has been a report that there has been a fading interest in the Mid-Autumn Festival among the Chinese. When I was in Penang, even before the Hungry Ghost Festival, I had heard of news of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, which was right after the Ghost festival. The public there had been invited to take part in a lantern procession. The participants would have to ride bicycles and so, perhaps, it would be appropriate to call the procession a lantern-carrying bicycle procession. Didn't know whether that procession materialise but in the Taiping Lake Garden, as in all the years, a big crowd of mostly young teenagers had gathered to light candles and lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival. An Indian friend of mine who went to have a look said it was so crowded that she had to turn back home, but not after seeing from her car, some people lighting and releasing the ever popular Kong Ming Lantern. If there has been any fading interest, it ought to be for the Chinese opera. I am sure very few teenagers would be drawn to it. The crowd that had gathered for the opera show at Padang Brown were mostly the older crowd and some of them were Westerners and keen shutter bugs. So, there again, the Chinese Opera could have its value yet!

Can you spot any shutter bug among the crowd?


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