Hungry Ghost Festival 2010: A Real Treat

I have heard it said somewhere, most probably in Hong Kong movies, that when watching Chinese operas during the Ghost Month, it would be advisable not to sit on the front seats. The front seats are usually empty for they are reserved for the spirits. In Padang Brown in Georgetown, Penang, I didn't see any reserved seats. All the seats were taken and many had to stand and watch the opera. One would get weary this way and I think then, it would be a great idea to take a walk. If you go to the backstage, you would be delighted to see the little orchestra of musicians who provide music for the show and you would even catch some of the actors and actresses putting on their make-up. A Western tourist had even climbed up to take their photos and to chat. That must be a real treat!

Treat yourself to scenes behind the stage! You can identify the main stage where the actors act and the scenes behind the stage, can't you?


Liudmila said…
People forget the meaning of the rithuals. Maybe it's a sign of good life and more calm ghosts.
footiam said…
People always forget the good things, don't you think?

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