CNY Flashback: A Picture of Togetherness

Some non-Chinese in Malaysia often mistook the eight day of the Chinese New Year as Chap Goh Meh. The latter literally means fifteen night and is not that especially important day where the Hokkiens offer thanksgiving prayers to the Emperor of Heaven comes midnight. History has it that the Hokkiens were saved from slaughter by the enemies during a war when they hid in a sugarcane farm. Besides incense, tea, fruits, roast pig etc, offerings must include sugarcane as to commemorate the event. Paper money will be lit like a bonfire and the prayers would often end with a midnight feast that involves every members in a household. It would be a long night for everyone, pleasant too - not that children are allowed to skip school the next day but the night of feasting with family members presents a beautiful picture of family togetherness...

Can you identify some of the things offered during the prayers at the tick of midnight on the eight day of Chinese New Year?


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