CNY Flashback: Food for Chinese New Year

My late grandmother hid the broom on Chinese New Year Day. Chinese New Year officially begins at midnight and a special prayer will be held to send the Gods off to Heaven. From then on, brooms and dust pans are put away so that the newly arrived good luck cannot be swept away. My late grandmother hid the broom so that the kids at home would not get to lay their hands on them and unwittingly sweep away the good luck. Sweeping the floor is not the only taboo on Chinese New Year day. There are people who consider lighting fires and using knives to be bad luck too. So food naturally has to be cooked the day before. Preserved food therefore should have a special place during Chinese New Year and top on the list would be Chinese sausages and waxed duck. Waxed duck, by the way are not waxed but cured and they are, I think, more popular to the Cantonese. In my Hokkien home, I have not seen a waxed duck being served yet...

Which would you prefer? Waxed duck or Chinese sausages?

Munch on this while CNY Flashback takes a break!


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