CNY Flashback: Dinner at Chinese New Year Eve

In China, it is common to see millions of Chinese jamming train stations to buy tickets home for the Lunar New Year break. I suppose Chinese everywhere will try to make home before Chinese New Year's Eve since one of the highlights of Chinese New Year is on the eve itself. There will be a big dinner and every member of a family is expected to be present. You'd see that in Malaysia too, people come home from every corner of the nation to have dinner with the family. In northern China, it is said that dumplings (jiaozi 饺子) are made after dinner as their shape like a Chinese tael symbolize wealth. Most Chinese in Malaysia come from South China and I suppose, that's why you don't see people making dumplings after dinner. But be assured though, there'd be plenty of food to go around on Chinese New Year's Eve!(inset)


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