CNY Flashback: Chinese New Year Greetings

Days before Chinese New Year, it is usual for Chinese families to give their home a thorough spring cleaning. Some believe this sweeps away the bad luck of the previous year and the home is now ready for good luck. The house may be repainted too and then gaily decorated with paper cut outs of Chinese auspicious phrases and couplets . It is easier nowaday as one could easily buy ready-made paper decorations. Meanwhile, of course, you'd probably receive Chinese New Year cards which would come posted to you in pink envelopes (inset). I remember receiving more Chinese New Year in the seventies compared to say, today. One could still find Chinese New Year cards being sold in supermarkets and shops. Mini-size Chinese New Year cards have been in the market for some time now and I suppose they are more popular with students. I do wonder however if sales of Chinese New Year cards are as brisk as in those good old days when the post office got flooded with Chinese New Year cards and the postmen had a hard time delivering the cards on time for Chinese New Year . Frankly speaking, nowadays I would rather send e-cards using e-mails since this is fast, free and you could even personalise your cards and add some Chinese New Year songs too! What a great way to send Chinese New Year greetings!


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