CNY Flashback: Signs of Chinese New Year

You may not be a Chinese but you'd not miss Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Prior to the big occassion, you'd hear evergreen Chinese New Year songs being belted out not just in Chinese homes but in public places as well such as in shopping malls and complexes. The shopping malls and complexes normally would be adorned with Chinese New Year decorations. We are not just talking about Chinese lanterns being hung here but the whole place would be splashed in red with all sorts of paper decorations. An old tale has it that there was once a cruel and ferocious beast called Nien in China which ate people on New Year's Eve but this creature was afraid of the colour red. Red today symbolizes good fortune and joy and befits the occasion for Chinese New Year. Nien had gone for good. In ancient times, when the New Year approached, villagers would hung red lanterns and red spring scrolls on windows and doors. They would also light firecrackers too, to frighten Nien away. But then thanks to Hongjun Laozu -There is a story that this ancient Taoist monk had captured Nien and kept him from mischief for good!

Paintng the shopping mall red!


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