Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year would be making its appearance this 14 February and as usual, there would be many ang pow to go around. Ang pow refers to red envelopes containing money, given to the unmarried by the married during Chinese New Year. It is said that this is practised only in South China. In North China, money is given just as they are, that is, without any cover. The origin of the tradition of giving ang pow is not really known. I suppose too it is not known when people started making lanterns, fans and other decorative items with these red envelopes. As a child, I do not remember seeing people making them. Maybe, it is something quite recent. Things always change. they say, and I think, this is for the better...

Red Envelopes to be used for Chinese New Year...

Red packets turned decorative items... Can you spot any decorative items from these mess?

Putting up decorative items made from red envelopes...Creative, don't you think?


Liudmila said…
Very different from the toys we use here for the New Year. The children in the schools make something like this too. But they use colors of winter: white, blu etc.
footiam said…
Red is auspicious to the Chinese. So, it is red, red, red everywhere!

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