Chinese New Year Cookies

Just the other day, I offered some friends some Chinese New Year cookies my niece had made. That's Achi Muruku. It's an Indian cookie. Ponni, an Indian friend had said. Oh, and I was thinking that crispy delicious thing (inset) was a Chinese item! As far as I remember, mom had made them every Chinese New Year. Now, I remember the Malay called them Kuih Loyang and I would not be surprised that some people would think that they had a Malay origin. That's the mix-up that occurs in a multi-racial country, I suppose. Anyway,have a visual treat of my niece's Chinese New Year cookies. Look for this Kuih Bangkit, a Nyonya or Straits Chinese item made out of a concoction of sugar, sago flour and santan or coconut milk... Clue: It is white but not as white as snow; for the oven had browned it so !

Cookies made by my niece... Which do you think is not a cookie and which one is Kuih Bangkit?


Liudmila said…
Mmmm... Your niece is so brave to cook... Looking at all these sweeties I became the wish to make them too. Well, some good things maybe will not ruin my exercises...
footiam said…
Making all these cookies will be a good exercise!

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