Unsung Heroes

Most Chinese would know Sun Yat-sen (inset), the founder and leader of China's Kuomintang but Li YuTang? When I came across this character in the latest Hong Kong star-studed movie in town, Bodyguards and Assassins which starred Donnie Yen, Leon Lai and Eric Tsang among others, I had first thought Li YuTang to be the nominee for the Nobel Prize of Literature, Lin YuTang who wrote the delightful The Importance of Living. The former however was a businessman who provided financial aids for revolutionaries during the turbulent period when the Qing Dynasty was crumbling. In the movie, Bodyguards and Assassins, Empress Dowager Cixi of Qing Dynasty supposed sends assassins to kill Sun Yat-sen who in Hong Kong to discuss his plans for revolution with with fellow Tongmenghui members. Revolutionary Chen Shaobai seeks Li Yutang's help who then rallies a group of men, including rickshaw pullers, hawkers and a beggar, to serve as bodyguards for Sun Yat Sen when he arrives. Like Chen Shaobai, Li YuTang and a myriads of other characters supposedly saved the Chinese historical figur. I am still wondering if there were such people in real life, these unsung heroes who were instrumental in altering history. Anyway, thanks Eng Lye for treating me to a wonderful movie!


Liudmila said…
I don't know in this case but as I see the reality is much more beautiful and terrible than any movie. It's enough to read about the life of the persons.
footiam said…
You can't put a lifetime in two hours!

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