Jackie Chan's Village.

Fancy building a village from scratch. It was reported there is one such village in Banda Acheh, Indonesia called Friendship Village of Indonesia-China(inset). Locals call it Jackie Chan village because the Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan reportedly built it for the 2004 tsunami victims. Many people, I believe would still remember the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that triggered the horrifying December 26, 2004 tsunami that affected not just Indonesia but also India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is nice just to know that a famous international star spends his cash wisely!

Jackie Chan in his Hong Kong movies. Which one is Rumble in the Bronx?

Jackie Chan in Dragon Lord...


Liudmila said…
And we watched one of the films just yesterday. With great pleasure.
S.Smith said…
Wow. Very cool that Jackie Chan does that kind of work.
footiam said…
Liudmila,Oh! Those from Hollywood? Some of my friends prefer his old Hong Kong movies.

S. Smith, He has the money and hopefully, the heart too.

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