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Jackie Chan's Village.

Fancy building a village from scratch. It was reported there is one such village in Banda Acheh, Indonesia called Friendship Village of Indonesia-China(inset). Locals call it Jackie Chan village because the Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan reportedly built it for the 2004 tsunami victims. Many people, I believe would still remember the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that triggered the horrifying December 26, 2004 tsunami that affected not just Indonesia but also India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is nice just to know that a famous international star spends his cash wisely!

Jackie Chan in his Hong Kong movies. Which one is Rumble in the Bronx?

Jackie Chan in Dragon Lord...

Christian China

Rosy Business (巾幗梟雄), the 2009 award-winning TVB television drama clinched the Best Actress and Best Actor Awards for its two main stars, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai. The series was well received in Hong Kong but received mixed reviews in Mainland China since it bears similarities to another successful CCTV drama series, The Grand Gate Mansion (大宅門). That sounds rather like the problem faced by the other successful 2009 TVB costume drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience ( 宮心計), said to resemble Korean drama, Jewel in the Palace(大長今). But never mind all that, I remember in Rosy Business, there is a mention of this Taiping Rebellion - that refers to the widespread civil war in China from 1850 to 1864 led by Christian convert Hong Xiuquan who established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom ( 太平天國). Hong was said to have failed the Imperial Examination and became very ill. After reading a phamphlet from a protestant missionary, his personality changed. Claiming his illness to be the vision that he …

Chinese Door Lions

There is a splendid catheral in Salerno in Southern Italy. Liudmila's post on Dom of Salerno in Campania, Italy most probably refers to this catheral which is dedicated to St. Mathew. A pair of lions at the church's door rather surprise me (inset). Placing a pair of lion statues outside the door has always been popular with the Chinese. The practice is said to have originated from the Hokkiens of Fujian province in Southern China but if you were the visit Beijing in northern China, the palaces and temples have these lion statues, too. Today, these lion statues can be seen decorating the door of big institutions like banks, hotels and restaurants. Unlike the two Salerno lions which just sit passively, the Chinese door lion on the right would always be a male and would be playing with a silk ball while that on the left would always be a female and would be playing with a baby lion. The lions should also be well endowed and have pleasant smiling faces as they signify auspiciousne…

Lau Fu Tze, Now and Forever

Wong Chak (inset) caused a stir in a shopping complex in Ipoh, Perak not too long ago. When manga creator of Crayon Shin-chan, Yoshito Usui passed away, there were talks on another artist taking over his place to produce more Shin Chan delights. Such practice is not new. Wong Chak, for instance took over the mantle of his father Wong Kar Hei in producing Old Master Q or Lao Fu Zi ( 老夫子) the popular Chinese cartoon character which first appeared in the newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong in 1962. In the late 30s, cartoons created by Peng Di (朋弟) featuring character resembling Lao Fu Zi have already appeared in the newspapers and magazines in Beijing and Tianjin in China. A 2001 book by a writer from Tianjin containing samples of work by Peng Di bear resemblance to Lao Fu Zi and there were accusations of plagiarism. Meanwhile, Lao Fu Zi and his friends Big Potato,Mr Chin, Mr Chiu and Miss Chan continue to delight both the young and old with their antics not only in comics but in movie…

Green Post: Dryclean your car!

Fancy washing your car without water! Mobile GreenWash, a company in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is doing just that. A compound which is ecofriendly is used instead and your car does not just end up clean but it smells good too. The co-founder of the company, Nicholas Lee said the technology has been around for more than 10 years now and has been in used in the United States, Australia and some parts of Europe.When the environment is clean, it is bound to smell good!