Expensive Dinners

For the past few days, I thought I had had far too many expensive dinners. One night, I asked Chern Chuan to go for a bite, having my mind set on some wanton soup or curry noodles but Chern Chuan wanted to go some place fancy and we ended up in Nagaria and had some of the more expensive stuff like mutton chop instead. Next day, Mr. How came for a visit and for lunch, we ended up in the latest hotel in town, Flemington, where I had chicken chop. Then, another day came and Chern Chuan and I were at it again; going round town in the rain, looking for a place to eat and we ended up in a Japanese restaurant, Wasabi Sushi, where we had Sushi. Normal dinner in Taiping in less fancy places would cost just a pittance but wait – the paper just reported that it would cost more than a million Hong Kong dollars just to invite Hong Kong actress Charmain Sheh See Man to dinner. In Hong Kong, rich men from China would invite pretty female celebrities to grace a party. Charmain Sheh, star of many memorable TVB series such as Return of the Cuckoo, Perish in the Name of Love, War and Beauty and the most recent, Beyond the Realm of Conscience happens to be the first TVB actress to be shortlisted in the semi-finals of the Best Actress category at the 34th International Emmy Awards in 2007 . Presently, for dinners, she bears the most expensive price tag, followed by Tavia Yeung Yi, Miss Hong Kong 2005 Tracy Ip and model Chrissie Chau. Now, pardon me, what expensive dinners was I complaining about?

Expensive Dinners?


Liudmila said…
It's strainge, did you notice all ex-vip.sses open restaurants once closed the carrier. Specific professional preferences...
footiam said…
Didn't notice anything!

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