Sex For Sale

How things had changed! In old Chinese novels, and movies,you may come across a sad character, a very good girl from a very poor family who has no choice but to sell herself off to some wealthy family in order that she could get some money to buy a coffin and perform funeral rites for a dead parent and when we say, sell here, it means, the poor girl now belongs to the wealthy family and most probably has to work hard like any other servants but for long hours and without pay all her life. In Singapore recently, there was a 19-year-old polytechnic student who went online to sell herself in order to raise money for her terminally ill mother’s medical treatment. The girl had uploaded three semi-naked pictures of herself in a lacy black G-string on her blog and was looking forward to providing sexual services to a man in his 30s who is willing to pay for her mother's medical fees. A man in his 30s probably would not be rich enough but well, he would be a fine cherry to chomp on. That makes filial piety bearable!


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