The Number Game

Numerology isn't part of Mathematics but this belief that there is a relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things is popular even with great mathematicians like Pythagoras. As for the Chinese, I wouldn't be surprised if someone thinks that everyone of them is into it. It is common to see Chinese from all walks of life shunning the number4. Number 4 phonetically sounds very much like death in the Chinese language and is thus a taboo while number like 8 which sounds similar to prosperity is auspicious. However, when combined with certain numbers, 4 would be rendered lucky such as in the number, 814 and 148, both of which means be wealthy the entire life. 99 is also a good number. It means eternal and it is not surprising then that many Chinese in Malaysia clambered to get hitched on 9 September 2009. That was despite the fact that in the Chinese Lunar Calender, it was still the month of the Hungry Ghost. Traditionally, Chinese would avoid holding auspicious occasions like a wedding during the month of the Hungry Ghost but then of course, like all things Chinese, there are flexibilities sometimes like in 2009, it is a leap year and the seventh month could easily be regarded the eight month. I suppose there are ways to make the inauspicous auspicious.


Liudmila said…
I don't like numbers. You will be surprized maybe. With my love to everything "paranormal". But I think they are something invented by humans, not "natural".
footiam said…
Yes, I am surprised but then I shoudln't.Everyone is unique!

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