Shaws Starlets

While the Golden Age of Hollywood seems so clear cut, being said to from the late 1920s to the late 1950s, the Golden Age of Chinese movies would perhaps confuse people who are not familiar with Chinese cinema. When talking about Chinese cinema, one perhaps need to emphasize first whether one is talking about Cinema of China, Cinema of Hong Kong or Cinema of Taiwan. In the Cinema of China for instance, there were supposed to be two golden ages, one which began in the 30s in Shanghai which produce the first big Chinese movie stars like Hu Die, Ruan Lingyu, Zhou Xuan, Zhao Dan and Jin Yan. The second Golden Age was in the late 40s and produced classics like Myriad of Lights (1948), The Spring River Flows East (1947), and Crows and Sparrows (1949). The Global Times reported that there is another golden age presently as from 2002 to 2008, the annual film production rose from less than 100 to 406, while box office takings exceeded 4.3 billion yuan (US$629.09 million) from less than one billion yuan (US$146.3 million) over the same period. Forget first about Taiwan, but in Hong Kong, one could probably talk about the Golden Age of the Cantonese movies, Mandarin movies and even the Amoy or Hokkien movies too; since there was actually a short-lived Amoy cinema industry in the island featuring the Hokkien Marilyn Monroe – Ding Lan and the Amoy Movie Queen, Zhuang Xue Fang who currently lives in Singapore. And all the while, I had thought that the Golden Age of Chinese Cinema belongs to that era when Shaws starlets shone...

Shaws stars of the 60s...

Li Li Hua

Lin Dai

Julie Yeh Fung

Ivy Ling Po

Betty Loh Ti

Li Ching

Tu Chien

Jenny Hu

Lily Ho

Cheng Pei Pei


Liudmila said…
The woman on the second photo has the face so similar to the photos of my relatives of the same period... Many photos were similar in that times.
footiam said…
LIn Dai? She was featured in an old post at She is very beautiful and immensely popular. I love her movie, Madam white Snake, Love without End and Blue and Black.
Liudmila said…
I have not seen that movies unfortunatelly. But she is really very similar to the women of my mothers family on this photo.
footiam said…
A post on that would be wonderful!
Thomas C B Chua said…
footiam, I happened to stumble upon this other blog of yours.It really brings back memories of the 60s. The actresses were idols of my 3 sisters. Lin Dai and her " The Kingdom and the Beauty" or somethings like that was a hit in my hometown. The songs in the movie were equally popular. Tks for resurrecting good memories.
footiam said…
I would be in the same boat as your sisters. I like Kingdom and beauty too and Madam White Snake, Blue and Black, Love without End too.

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