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I remember once I was in Jusco , Ipoh, Perak and I came across a book sale. There was this book Tang Shi San Bai Shou among the pile of Chinese books and I thought it rather cheap. Someone later told me Chinese books are rather cheap, especially pirated ones originating from China. I don't really know about that but back to TangShi San Bai Shou or 300 Tang Poems - the classic is a compilation of poems from the Tang period (618 -907) which was also the Golden Age of Chinese Poetry . Heng Tang Tui Shi otherwise known as Sun Zhu had during the Qing Dynasty compiled some of the most representative and beautiful Tang poems as he was not very pleased with the poems of the anthology Qianjiashi or A thousand master's poems from the Tang and Sung periods (960 -1279) which he thought lacked educational spirit. His compilation said to be effective in cultivating character was an instant hit and is still popular today. Now, just have a sample of the poems ...

A Gold-threaded Robe ( A poem by Du Qiuniang)

Covet not a gold-threaded robe,

Cherish only your young days!

If a bud open,

gather it –

Tianmu Mountain Ascended in a Dream( A Poem by Li Bai)

A seafaring visitor will talk about Japan,

Which waters and mists conceal beyong approach,

But Yueh people talk about Heavenly Mother Mountain.

Spring Dawn (A Poem by Meng Haoran)

Asleep in spring I did not heed the dawn

Till the birds broke out singing everywhere.

Last night, in the clamour of wind and rain,

How many flowers have fallen do you suppose?


Liudmila said…
Interesting art. I wanted to understand it better.
footiam said…
Poetry definitely attract of cultured people!

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