An Ongoing Process

Once in the Netherlands, when traveling by bus to Paris, I happened to pass Rotterdam. Groggily, I had looked out the window and there across the road was a big shop with a big signboard which had Chinese characters on it. The bus stopped and three young Chinese passengers, two young girls and a young man boarded the bus. I started to wonder if the three were travellers like me and my friends but of course, I didn't get to know as I didn't ask. The Netherlands, I got to know is host to one of the largest Chinese populations in Europe. The Chinese populations should be the fourth largest after the French, British and Russian Chinese communities. The Dutch Chinese community is also sharply divided into several independent community. Besides the Peranakan Chinese from South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, there are Cantonese and Fujianese from Mainland China. Since 1985, Fujianese from Eastern Fujian are making their way to this little country and that's an ongoing process...


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