Green Post: Green Funeral

Fancy having an eco-friendly green funeral? In a green funeral, a body is dressed up in pure fibre clothes and it is not embalmed as formaldehyde can seep into the water system. A cardboard coffin is used or else if the body is cremated, an eco-friendly urn can be used to pack the ashes. Britain is said to have been a world leader in eco-friendly green funeral for years and for a source of various green burial products other than cardboard coffins and eco-friendly urns, one perhaps could pay a visit to the Natural Death Centre's Green Funeral Exhibiton in London. If you think green funeral is going to be cheap however, think again! Frank Hall, the marketing director for Epping Forest Burial Park has said that it was all about choice and not price. Green funerals can be orpulent and expensive just as they can be cheap and low key!

Eco-friendly casket and urns...


The Undertaker said…
thank you for spreading the word, yes you can have a green funeral. For more ideas

We must take action and educate people just how harmful a traditional funeral is. Keep the discussion alive. :)
footiam said…
You are welcome!

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